William Bates

1. Where you live, who you live with and any special people in your life
- Natalie, Ryan, Tom, Grandpa, and William (me) Uncle Ted, Uncle Nick
2. What famous band would you like to perform with?
- Devin and Calvin’s ban at Namaste
3. Do you have a stage name?
- Willie
4. What is your favorite song that you sing at Namaste?
- “Play that Funky Music White Boy”
5. While you are up on stage do you ever get nervous?
- Nope! I never get nervous on the stage.
6. What is your favorite album by another artist?
- Roy Orbison
7. What is your favorite instrument?
- Drums and a drumstick.
8. What does Namaste Music mean to you?
- Namaste music is my favorite program but it is too crowded.