Phoenix Human Services

I work at Phoenix Human Services as a caregiver. My coworkers and I  have been taking individuals to the Namaste music program for approximately 17 years. It is the highlight of the week for our participants and for the individuals in the community. Everyone we see at Namaste is rockin' it out--dancing, singing, and socializing. Everyone has so much fun at Namaste.  It is always a joyous occasion. We have met so many friends at Namaste--life long friendships have been started as a result of our going to Namaste.

We were saddened to hear that this program is in jeopardy due to a decrease in funding. We really hope that the decision will be made to keep the program running. It would be a huge loss to our community if the Namaste music program no longer existed. 

Fiona Yaki, Joel Ridewood,Russ Griese, Rob Dunn, Sylvia Sylvey, Derek Walsh, Heather Gibson, Megh Blackburn, 

Bill Cino, Lillian McGee, Renee Laboucan, Gail Albrectson, Kirsten McVicker, Maria Helgesen