Jayneen Pannell

Here is a portion of my Journal I had to write. I hope it helps with getting what you need and thank you for letting me participate in the music program as well at your Day Program I had a wonderful time. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

While attending the Namaste Music Program I was in awe with the environment and how it radiated inclusion. The amount of satisfaction that these individuals gained from attending was very clear by all the laughter, giggles and dancing that was going on. The event itself is designed to include everyone no matter who you are. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many amazing individuals by participating at this event. The level of participation varies depending from each individual. There is lots of room cleared for people who transportation methods of a wheelchair. I felt this instant feeling of inclusion by seeing the greeting with individuals coming in and wanting to shake each other’s hands. The people that attend this event are very exceptional people. They all have this open hearted way of including everyone around them and making it a wonderful and fun experience every time. The stage accompanies the band and many other individuals who pack it to its full capacity. All of the people attending have the choice to participate in a way that works for them. By either singing, playing percussion, standing up along side the band, and some may accompany the band with microphones on stage and dancing their hearts out. There are many different levels of communication used at this event. Depending on the individuals needs augmentative/alternative communication strategies are used and are very common. I noticed that many of the individuals used Sign Language as a way of communicating and well as individual ways of saying yes and no, when asked questions. The workers that attend have a wonderful time socializing with all the participants and other people attending. It is a very social event with lots of laughter and feel-good times. I believe that when music is surrounding people it brings out that feeling of happiness and movement. Even for those individuals who use a wheelchair, they can move and shake themselves to the music, having a great time.