Garth Homer Society

People with disabilities who attend the Satellite Day Program have been going to Namaste music for over 10 years. It is the highlight activity of the week for many. Starting Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning we have non-verbal clients who

pull staff over to the schedule board to confirm that there is music on Friday!

The music program is such a highlight because it gives everyone who wants to, a chance to have the microphone and sing with the band. The band is made up of excellent musicians playing a vast repertoire of songs. People can be a lead singer in a rock band, a crooner at a cowboy bar or a Broadway star! If they don’t want to be the lead singer, they can grab a tambourine or other instrument and squeeze in with the crowd on the stage. These performances are always met by an appreciative jam packed audience!

Please provide funding to this wonderful music program that provides entertainment, a chance to connect with lots of friends and the opportunity to be a ‘Star’ to so many great people.

Mary Ann Snowden