about Namaste

Some of the many performers

Namaste Transition to Community Society had its start in 1992 in response to the need for day programs as people with intellectual disabilities left institutions to begin their lives in communities.

The Namaste day program is located at 3895 Holland Ave, provides support for 15 participants who seek to become contributing members of their community. Recycle pick up, garden refuse, small hauling jobs, and deliveries are some of the services we provide for the public. Add in some recreational activities like exploring parks and museums and you can see we keep pretty busy at Namaste!


The Namaste Friday Music Event:

Namaste Music started in 1996 by professional musician and music therapist Scott White. Scott was impressed with how the Namaste participants responded to his music.The church (Christ Community Church) next door was approached for a community wide musical event. The invites went out and attendance grew. Scott invited his musical friends and we became “plugged in” with amps, speakers and microphones. And so it began.

Namaste music has grown from one musician playing for a few people to 4 professional musicians backing up many performers and entertaining hundreds of people every Friday.

The core of the band are; Calvin Cairns on piano, Joey Smith on bass, Don Leppard on Drums and Devon Macaferty  on guitar and vocals. Here is a list of other noted Victoria musicians who have been the back-up band for the Namaste performers: Brooke Maxwell, Paul O'Brien, Karl Roessingh, Clarke Brendon, Anita Bonkowski, Marc Atkinson, Chris Frye, Jeremy Walsh, Joby Baker, Oliver Swain, Carolyn Mark, Daniel Lapp, Damian Graham, Matt Pease and Scott White, the man who started it all.

Some more participants involved in Namaste Music SocietyThe band knows almost any song and a person can request any song so long as they are willing to sing it. The songs range from “Burning Down the House” to “Baby Beluga”, “Brown Eyed Girl” to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

The magic of the event is those who attend because they are the event! We have many regular performers, and each week someone new gets up the courage to take the center stage. You can see some of them and their bio’s on this site.

Namaste Music is open all, no segregation here. A person not labeled with a disability can participate too!

Come see Namaste Friday Music.

Board of Directors

Terry Flatt - Executive Director
Brian Howe - President
Vicki Walker - Treasurer
Sherry Heisterman - Director
Bruce Smith - Director
Rex Hammell - Director

Membership at Large

Diane Adolph
Charlie Burton
Steve Whittam
Doug Mitchell
Sherry Jackson
David Long
Jace Ford